Eero Saarinen Exhibition

Eero Saarinen: A Reputation for Innovation exhibition, curated by architectural historian and architect Mina Marefat, PhD, AIA promotes the rediscovery of Eero Saarinen, his passion for design and the lasting still very valid principles that he promoted throughout his life and career.

Five decades after his death, Eero Saarinen’s message and philosophy of architecture are still fresh and relevant.  His buildings like his principles, have withstood the test of time.  Rather than follow the doctrine of constrained modernism, Eero Saarinen pursued a quest for an architecture that was rooted in timeless principles, while at the same time bringing innovation and expanding the boundaries of technology.

§ One Response to EXHIBITION

  • Thank you. Eero Saarinen continues to inspire those of us who live and breath design and maybe more now than before since design matters more now than ever before.

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